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Social Media Websites which are best for educational purposes


Social media is not only limited to communication purpose now. Due to the advanced features, we are having on the social media platforms now; we are able to do so many things that seem to be impossible a decade back. Connecting with people and access to information supposed to be only two uses of internet and social media which were for educational purposes. But now we have more social media websites which are not shying in taking more steps to build their reputation around education.

These social media platforms are not as famous as the platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, they are much useful than these websites for the educational purposes. To make it slightly famous among people, I am a UK dissertation writing service provider so i am writing this article and going to unveil some of the best social media tools which are best for educational purposes.



You all would know about Ted talks. Ted is one of the most famous platforms for the conference and public speaking which videos are the source of motivation and information for the masses from many years. The Ted also has its own social medium which they called TedEd. This platform consists of many TED talks in the form of short videos and animated clips of subjects like science, technology, literature, art and all other major subjects. This website also has different communities and clubs that make easier for the students to collaborate with other students.


Vimeo is a YouTube sort of online video streaming website which not only allows you to search random videos but also shares it on multiple social media accounts. Many teachers and educationists are using this website as a tool for teaching and learning from which every year thousands of students get benefits which make this website as a premier tool learning. This video streaming website has thousands of videos on different subjects with comments enabled on it so you can communicate and discuss different issues regarding the material of the content with other students too.

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Not just limited to students, but Edmodo is a great website for the teachers too. This website is a playground for teaching and learning with the luxury of different features like postings, calendars and communication tools for teachers to connect with students. This website makes you to link with students in a much simpler and more efficient way and to teach students through the presentations that students enjoy too. With the Edmodo, teachers get this liberty of sharing different valuable apps with the students in the easiest of ways.

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