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4 Online Tools Which Can Help Blog Writers To Write Best SEO Optimized Articles.

There are many tools without whom there is no concept of writing and providing quality. Writing articles and blogs are basic duties and factors that a webmaster has to perform. If you want healthy natural backlink profiles, traffic that stays on your site for long times, Then writing quality tools with the help of these tools is very important.

Plagiarism Detector ,

One of the most tools for webmasters is a plagiarism detector when it comes to quality writing. This tool is there to see if there are any copy/paste material or something which is familiar with some other blogger or web page. This tool will highlight each and everything that is similar to the web. It detects your content for matching with almost 8 billion web pages which make it extra precise. Plagiarism, as we all know, is the main factor which leads your site to penalize it from search engines, If Google search engine detects any case of copied/paste material. It will simply penalize it and your site might never have a chance to appear on the results again. So this tool will take such risks out of the window.

Zen Writer .

One of the best and most useful tools I have ever used when it comes to concentration and quality writing. Zen writer takes out the element of distraction from checking your emails, social platforms or anything else and provides you a full focus on the writing alone. This tool is of course paid but extremely affordable as it comes around like $10 a month. It provides this facility as it takes your whole screen and doesn’t let you lose your focus. It encompasses your whole screen. There are therapeutic music and beautiful images passing in the background to help you relax and concentrate even more. Of course, other features like: Formatting, Creating tables, Corrections, and editing, Headings and template designing will be inside under the same amount you are paying for it.

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Text Rewriter .

This is another amazing tool which helps writer, blogger, webmasters to develop quality work and save a lot of time during that. Text Rewriter is a tool which helps you rewrite a content that suits your topic. The best thing about this tool is that, it changes and paraphrase the whole paragraph, change synonyms, change sentences while keeping the same context and meaning of the original paragraph. Text Rewriter also takes out any grammatical errors or punctuation issues. Simply search for the content over the web that suits you. Copy it and paste it in the text section of this tool, press rewrite and you will see a whole new content with zero plagiarism risks. Although, this is something that I would call as a last resort. Use it only in urgent cases or when you have no time to sit for hours. Simply use this tool and you will have good quality.

Keyword Density Checker .

Keyword density checker is another important tool which helps you detect how many times a keyword is used in an article as compared to the total amount of the article. The best thing about this tool is it alerts you if a keyword is repeating itself above the normal limit. Normally, a keyword is allowed to be used in one article for around 4, 5 times and long-tails one for around 2, 3 times. After this Google creates issues and considers it as keyword spamming which might red flag your site. So this tool is there to highlight everything for you. Free and easy to use, this tool will perform this test in a couple of seconds and you will see vital results.

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